Braun Ambulances

Since 1972, Braun has been a custom ambulance manufacturer focused on safety, quality, and innovation.  We are their premier dealer partner in California, offering all seven of their unique models and endless customization options. We provide convenient support over the life of your vehicle through our local service partners and are able to offer factory direct remounts with Braun.

Seven Ambulance Models & Unrivaled Customization Options

Express Plus

Type I


Type I & Medium Duty 

Chief XL

Type I, III, & Medium Duty

Super Chief

Type I & Medium Duty

Signature Series

Type I & Type III


Type I & Type III


Critical Care Transport

An Industry Leader in Ambulance Safety and Crash Testing

Braun Ambulances has led the industry in ambulance safety for decades. They first proved this when their modules exceeded the required load capacity by 300% for standards in roof and side load testing. Braun Ambulances continued to lead their competitors when they made history in March 2016 by conducting the industry’s first ambulance rollover crash test. Following that test, Braun also conducted a crash test that involved a side impact test and then a rollover test, looking to demonstrate real-world accident scenarios. Both crash tests can be seen in the accompanying videos below! Along with exceeding the needs for crash testing, all Braun Ambulances are, of course, also fully compliant with KKK Change Notice 10 and the most recent ambulance safety standards.


For Braun Ambulances, building custom handcrafted ambulances isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. Since 1972, Braun has strived to be a leader in the emergency vehicle industry. Here are just a few ways that they are achieving that:


  • Safety

    Fully compliant with Change Notice 10, Braun Ambulances have always held themselves to rigorous safety standards and have conducting advanced dynamic crash testing. See more information on that here.


  • Quality

    Braun manufactures all ambulances in accordance with applicable safety standards and ensures quality at all levels with their own Performance Excellence System.


  • Innovation

    Braun Ambulances continues to leverage the latest technology to develop proprietary innovations that improve the safety and usability of their models.


  • Customization

    Customizations are limitless with Braun Ambulances; each ambulance is designed to meet the customer’s unique requirements and budget.


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