Demers ambulances are built for the long run and backed by strong, confidence-building warranties.   You’ll enjoy peace of mind like never before when you add a Demers to your fleet.  Demers even warrants all installed components and parts such as inverters, battery chargers, sirens, docking stations, laptop mounts and door handles, to name just a few.

The standard Demers limited warranties for Type I and III ambulances are:

  • Module Structure: 25 Years “lifetime” / Unlimited Miles
  • Paint: 5 Years non pro-rated / 180,000 Miles
  • Electrical: 5 Years / 180,000 Miles
  • Materials and Workmanship: 5 Years/ 180,000 Miles
  • OEM Materials: 2 Years / 75,000 Miles

The standard limited warranties on Type II ambulances are:

  • Electrical: 3 Years non pro-rated / 100,000 Miles
  • Materials & Workmanship: 3 Years non pro-rated / 100,000 Miles
  • OEM Materials: 1 Year / 36,000 Miles

RedSky promises fast and efficient warranty support when and where you need it, and we’re always available to answer questions you may have.  We stock fast-moving replacement parts, and Demers will also overnight parts free of charge for all ambulances under warranty.  Relax.  Demers and RedSky have you covered.